Having a baby and becoming parents are usually big life events. It is an even more exciting adventure to have your baby in another country than your home one. Maybe the customs in your country are completely different or you don’t know how to find your way in the Dutch health care system. If you don’t speak Dutch it might be extra challenging to find the information and care you need.

Having a baby is not only a physical change, it’s an experience that also changes your heart and soul. That’s why it’s very important to find a caregiver you feel comfortable with. You are welcome to a free consultation to see if I am a good match for you.

During your pregnancy we will get to know each other very well. This will enable me to guide you to make your own best personal choices along the way. Together we will look at whatever you and your partner need to experience your pregnancy, the birth and the start with your baby in a safe and beautiful way.


I’m offering: 

  • Your own English speaking midwife for all the care in your pregnancy, during your birth and for the first 6 weeks after the birth
  • Always the same person who cares for you, in case I'm unavailable a like minded collegue will be there to care for you
  • Plenty of time for all clients because I take care of maximum 4 women who are due in the same month
  • Personal, skilled and professional care centering around you and your partner
  • Longer check ups than usually done at the practice in Berkel, so there will be time for all your needs, wishes and questions
  • Flexible consultation hours, if necessary also in the evening
  • I am available 24 hours a day by mobile phone, email and whatsapp. For emergency or birth please call directly
  • Your wishes for giving birth are pivotal: you have free choice to have your baby at home or deliver in the hospital with or without pain relief
  • You can opt for a water birth, use my TENS machine for pain relief or use my birthing chairs
  • Continuous support during your delivery in a normal birth. If the gynaecologist takes over your care in case of induction or complications and you would like me to stay as a labour coach there is an extra fee of 500 euros (doula care) 
  • The practice is also available for post-natal care only
  • Your health insurance will pay for all basic aspects of my care. Because of the much more elaborate care you'll be having in my caseload work style I charge an additional coaching fee for the pregnancy of 500 euros


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